Advertising Advice

For advice creating your advert on, we have put this helpful information together. For the answers to specific technical questions and problems, please go to our Advertisers FAQ page.


Photographs are the most important part of your advertisement. They give immediate impact and a good photograph will attract more visitors. Take time setting up your shots, make sure you have good lighting and that the property is well presented, clean, tidy, with beds made and washing up done. Dress the rooms with flowers and soft furnishings, lay the dining table and add extra lighting if needed. Remove all clutter. External shots are essential. Make sure it is a sunny day with blue skies; the best time of day is early morning or early evening. If your property has wonderful views, make sure you capture them. Avoid showing cars in your photographs. Use a good quality digital camera, or pay for a professional photographer. Make use of all your images and really show the potential of your property.


Take time writing good descriptions; try to paint a picture of what a holiday at your property would be like. Start with a summary paragraph and then move on to more detail. Write as if you were speaking to your customer personally and make your descriptions interesting but do not exaggerate or waffle. Include unique selling points and mention any extra facilities you supply which could enhance your guests’ holiday. Identify your target market e.g. families, skiing, golf, and promote this within you advert. Recommend local activities and places of interest and if there are special events going on in the vicinity use them as a selling point in your descriptions. Use upper and lower case to write your text rather than all CAPITALS - these are too hard to read and come across as shouting, but can be good for highlighting points.


Travelers may not know the area or how to get to it. Recommend suitable transport links such as budget airlines, trains and ferries and give distances from the nearest airport, train station etc. Also supply information on local car hire and bus services.

Contact Details

Publishing your telephone number is a good idea and reassuring for the travelers – some people will want to speak to you directly before they book. Make sure you have an answering machine so that you don’t miss potential bookings. Double-check your telephone contact details to make sure they are correct.


Pitch your pricing at a realistic level. Calculate your break-even point; research and find out the going rate for properties similar to yours in the same location. Remember you can command a higher price if your holiday home has unique selling points such as a swimming pool or a beach location. Work out a simple scale which reflects high seasons, school holidays and bank holidays.


All reviews must be genuine. Keep your guestbook updated with useful positive comments from past guests. This is a good way of attracting new custom; they make interesting reading and will provide reassurance, tips and advice. Remember to email guests upon their return, asking them to submit a review.

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