Frequently Asked Questions

Vacation Home Rentals Owners/Managers FAQ

A full page advert which includes:

  • Admin Dashboard, where you can add bookings, request reviews and improve your listing from your owner console
  • Up to 35 large images
  • Optional video clip or link your YouTube video to your profile
  • Add your virtual Tour 360° iframe/embeded code
  • Description
  • Facilities and location chart
  • List your property on Map and View on Google map
  • Guestbook for reviews
  • Enquiries and statistics
  • Link to your website to get more visitors and increase Traffic to Your Website
  • Link to your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…etc)
  • Link your properties together
  • Add your contacts (email, phone, WhatsApp…etc) so Travelers can get in touch with you directly
  • Our advertising and SEO strategy ensures traffic to your property listing by sharing your property on our social media accounts depending on your package.

Your property will also get some exposure on our homepage in the latest properties panel. Start Advertising Now.

How do I feature my property?

If you want to give your property extra exposure you can feature it for a fee of $200 a year. Properties will appear randomly in a panel on the homepage as well as on other information pages throughout the site. To feature your property, please contact us.

If you want to give your property extra exposure you can feature it. Properties will appear randomly in a panel on the homepage as well as on other information pages throughout the site.  Which will make it more visible for Travelers.

To feature your property, please contact us.

To list a property advert you first need to register as a member. From here you can become an advertiser by selecting ‘Create a Listing ‘ then register to our website, after that you have to login to your account and complete your contact details. Please don’t forget to select your account type (if you are an owner, agent ..etc)

After you register to, from your “Admin Dashboard”  page select “Create a Listing” and complete all the sections. They can be completed in any order and saved to come back to at any time. Information is displayed throughout to assist you.

Our upload system is so easy, straightforward and comprehensive that we are sure you will have no trouble uploading your own property.

No, only tick the checkboxes that apply to the property you are advertising – these will then appear on your property details and be used in the search.

Your images should be good quality digital images which are downloadable from your computer. For best results they should be landscape and a minimum depth of 400 pixels (Minimum size 1440×900).

You add your photos by clicking on the Media section in your property overview page, browsing and uploading them. We advise you to upload a few images at a time. You must have at least 6 images in order to publish your advert, but we recommended that you add as many as possible, you are allowed up to 35. You must own the copyright for any pictures you use, or have permission from the owner to use them

From your property overview page, select ‘Preview your advert’ at any time.

No, we only allow one property per advert. If you have more than one property create a separate advert for each one.

Of course you can! When you add all your properties from your Admin Dashboard, all your properties will be shown on your profile page so when Travelers click on your profile, they will view all your listings.

As soon as you have completed all sections of your property upload, your advert will go live within 24 hours subject to approval.

All search listings are returned randomly within the specified criteria.

We have 2 options to advertise your property on our website a standard ($100 per year) and a featured option ($200 per year). Please check the link ” Advertise-with-us ” .  
You will pay using your PayPal after you list your property.

1. Enquiries can be received via the secure email form on the bottom of your property details You will be informed via your personal email every time you receive a new email enquiry. Log-in to the site and select ‘View Enquires’ to read and reply to new enquiries.

2. The second option for enquiries is using your contact details that you listed on your profile (as your phone number, Email,  WhatsApp, or Travelers could go to your website directly if you link it)  

Log-into your account and select “Properties”‘, choose the property that you want to update/edit and click on “Actions” then choose “Edit” so you can make the changes you wish.

If you have more than 5 properties, please contact us and we will offer you a good deal for all of your properties.

Travelers/Holidaymakes FAQ

We have two search facilities:

1. Searching by map enables you to zoom and view the exact location of a property and its surroundings. 

2. The standard search provides enhanced ability to refine your search options and presents results in a list format.

Most owners/agents quote prices for the whole of the property, however, some will quote per person.  All prices should be clearly stated on the property details page. 

It is the responsibility of each individual property owner or agent to ensure that the information they publish is kept accurate and up to date.  We advise customers to make their own checks to confirm that a property is as described before booking.

Yes, it is essential to obtain your own travel insurance. Choose a suitable policy that covers unforeseen cancellations.

Once you have found your ideal property, check the availability with the owner/agent.  When you are ready to book, You will have 2 options to contact the owner/agent:

1. Simply inform the owner/agent by using the e-mail form.  Fill in all the required details with your message and once the form has been sent, they will contact you to make arrangements.


2. You can use the owner/agent contact details provided by them (as phone, Skype, WhatsApp, email)

Your contract is directly with the owner/agent of the property.  Make sure you receive a rental agreement setting out terms and conditions and their cancellation policy.  Your contract is not with

No, you are under no obligation until you pay the deposit or full payment directly to the property owner/agent using the payment option they ask you to use. has nothing to do with the payment of any properties, YOU PAY THE OWNER DIRECTLY.

This may be possible – check the terms and conditions within your rental agreement carefully, before contacting the owner/agent directly.

You may lose your deposit, and if you cancel after paying the balance, you may only get a percentage of the money back, if any.  Refunds should be clearly stated in the rental agreement.  Check the cancellation terms and inform the owner/agent as soon as you can.  It is essential to have travel insurance which covers you for unforeseen cancellation – please check your policy.

Before making ANY payments, we strongly advise all Travlers/holidaymakers to make satisfactory checks regarding an owner/agents identity. When making payments online always ensure you use a secure site.  NEVER send credit or debit card details by email or email forms.

Bank Transfer – If paying by bank transfer, the owner/agent should give you their bank details including bank account number, sort code and any other banking codes required.

Credit/Debit Card – You may also be asked to pay by credit or debit card. If it is an online transaction you may be asked to use the owner/agents preferred payment provider, such as PayPal.

Cheques – When paying by cheque, please allow additional time for postage and clearing.

If prices are quoted in a different currency, find the equivalent price using our currency converter and then check with the owner/agent before payment.

Most properties require a deposit on booking which is usually a percentage of the total cost.  The balance will be payable as per your rental agreement.  Ensure the owner or agent provides you with written confirmation and receipts of any payments made.  This should confirm your payment, the balance left to pay and the date the balance is required.  Keep a copy of this for your records. You should also be supplied with a rental agreement, setting out terms and conditions, and a cancellation policy. 

Some owners/agents will require a security deposit. This is refundable at the end of your holiday if the property is left in an acceptable condition.  Read your agreement carefully as any breakages or damage may be deducted from your deposit.  Refer to the Site Code of Conduct for further information.

Each individual property owner/agent has their own arrangements; once you have made your booking you will be told how, when and where you will receive your key.

In most cases these are included within the rental charge, but sometimes they are taken out of the security deposit after your holiday.  Make sure you check your rental agreement carefully.

In certain countries you may have to pay Tourism tax.  It is usually a nominal amount but if you are concerned please check with the owner/agent.

If you have any problems such as a piece of equipment breaking down etc, inform the owner/agent and sort it out immediately – do not wait until you get home.

We recommend that you copy all correspondence and print the property details to take with you on your holiday as a precautionary measure. If something is seriously wrong and you wish to make a formal complaint, you should contact the owner/agent in writing.  Please allow a reasonable amount of time for them to respond.

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