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We collect information like email addresses or other personal information required for authentication of property owners or manages. This information is collected through our system when you list your property. This information is strictly used for owner identification and future correspondences only. We do not get involved in any information selling processes. Privacy of the information is our first priority.

Entire property details, photos and other information is provided by the property owners. Vrentalz.com is not responsible for any data duplicacy or authenticity as it is owners’ copyright and their responsibility.

We do not entertain spamming and are strictly against it. All our email messages and promotions are either to our registered owners or travelers that inquire on a property and those who have subscribed for our newsletter to receive such promotions. If you do not wish to receive emails or promotions from us, please simply click on the Unsubscribe link on these email messages. Travelers will contact the home owners directly via email, phone and text messages or WhatsApp. All items can be adjusted through their owner dashboard.

We understand the importance of information we collect and we take serious care of it. We don’t ask for any financial information, the Vacation Home Owners will make the payment only using PayPal. We don’t ask the owners for any credit card or bank account information. 

We do feedback surveys from time to time and we request users to input their valuable comments on our services or their experience with us. The decision to answer the survey is solely with the user. User may or may not fill in the details depending on their discretion.

There are 2 options to send a rental inquiry:

1. Travelers send inquiries through email contact forms on listing pages, in this case he/she should understand that the personal information filled in the form, like email, phone and other information, will be shared with the property owner.

2. Travelers can contact the Vacation Rentals’ Owners by the contact details they provided on their profile as: phone, Mobile, WhatsApp, email or Website.

We request users not to enter any financial information like credit card numbers or bank account information in our email contact forms.

If you receive an unsolicited email requesting personal information like credit card, bank account, date of birth or even your account credentials with us, please be informed that this must be from someone trying to gain access to your information unlawfully. We do not request for such information in emails or in any other way as Vrentalz.com don’t collect any payment from travelers for your home rental. But the Travelers will send the payment directly to you using the system that you prefer to receive the Money.

Please contact SUPPORT, if you receive something like this.

As a part of marketing, we may contact you through email. You can opt out of these marketing communications by clicking on UNSUBSCRIBE link on the email.

If you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Process of marketing etc., you may contact us by email.

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